Mozilla Skywriter leaves cloud city

From the ‘Lando Calrissian‘ files:

Mozilla’s open source effort to build an online code editor is gearing up for its 1.0 release. As tends to be common for Mozilla, the 1.0 release marker also is when there is often a name change too (think Weave/Sync, Phoenix/Firefox etc.).

Mozilla Bespin has been in development at Mozilla Labs since at least February of 2009 and as of late last week, the project is now called ‘Skywriter’.

“As we approach a 1.0 release, it was clear that it was time to shed
Bespin’s code name and give it a real, lasting project name,” Mozilla developer Kevin Dangoor blogged. “We’re happy
to announce that that name is Mozilla Skywriter. I think that Mozilla Skywriter fits the “coding in the cloud” theme very well indeed.”

Personally, I liked the name Bespin (a reference to Cloud City in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) and the name Skywriter sounds remarkably close to ‘Skywalker’ — another Star Wars reference.

While Bespin/Skywriter was originally an idea to build a coding system for cloud-based development, it’s moving toward become an online/offline tool as well. Dangoor noted in his blog post that a desktop version of Skywriter is on the roadmap.

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