Google Faces Heat Over Privacy Tweaks

The coming of Google’s modified privacy policy — a plan that aims to simplify and consolidate the rules under which its various services operate — may have been designed to make it easier for users to understand Google policy.

But it’s raised the ire of at least one major privacy advocacy group, EPIC, which claims that integrating all of Google’s privacy policies makes it harder on users in the long run — and is calling for an investigation by the FCC to take a hard look at the implications. Datamation has the story.

Google has announced plans to roll out a more streamlined version of its privacy policies next month. The search giant insists the move to simplify its policies is designed to reduce “legalese” and make its policies more accessible to consumers.

“To be clear, we aren’t changing any of our privacy practices; we want to make our policies more transparent and understandable,” Mike Yang, Google’s associate general counsel, said in a blog post Friday.

Read the full story at Datamation:

EPIC Slams Google’s Privacy Moves

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