Mozilla sprints to improve developer documentation

From the ‘Good Documentation‘ files:

For the last six plus months, Mozilla developers have been focused on building Firefox 4. That’s not the only effort that Mozilla is now sprinting to complete, developer documentation at the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is now also being completed.

Instead of a ‘code sprint’, MDN is having a doc sprint – starting Jan 28th and running for 34 hours until Jan 29th.

The list of docs that Mozilla is aiming to get written include JavaScript, extension development, CSS and XHTML/HTML references.

If you decide to participate – for your efforts Mozilla will send you a T shirt.

The important thing to note about the doc sprint – is that open source isn’t just about code contributions. Open source also requires writers and people that have the time and energy to write documentation too.

The doc sprint starts at 6 AM PT on Jan 28th and runs until Jan 29th 4 pm PT and is being co-ordinated on IRC at : #devmo on

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