Mozilla updates Firefox 4 Beta 10 with 506 bug fixes

From the ‘Bug Extermination‘ files:

There are a lot of bugs in Firefox 4. Mozilla this week updated the next gen Firefox browser to Beta 10, quashing no less than 506 bugs.

Yeaaah, it sounds like a lot, but you have to remember it’s an improvement over the 661 bugs fixed in Beta 9.

On one hand, it’s great that so many bugs are being exterminated. On the other hand, it’s absolutely shocking that so many bugs remain this late in the process.

Taking a deeper look at the 506 bugs fixed in Beta 10 reveals a tonne of stability fixes. One of my favs is Bug #607231 Closing tabs from browser window causes tab group layouts to be borkedAnother Tab Grouping fix is bug #608223 Tab groups not restored after Force Quit / Crash. Those two bugs (and a pile others that seem similar) are the reason why I personally have avoided the Panorama (Tab Candy) feature in recent Betas, so it’s great that this is now resolved.

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