What Will Q4 Earnings Say About Microsoft’s Future?

The past two decades have been a study in contrast for Microsoft.

After a meteoric rise propelled by the near-ubiquitous distribution of its Windows platform, Microsoft continues to be immensely profitable. Yet despite a series of record earnings performances, the company’s stock has barely moved.

Traditional cash cows like Windows and Office keep milking, but analysts are looking for signs that Microsoft will be able to thrive in an era when tablets and smartphones are increasingly supplanting the traditional PC as people’s preferred computing device.

Microsoft of course has made moves in both areas, and continues to invest aggressively in cloud computing services and infrastructure, but will it be enough?

Datamation takes a look at Microsoft ahead of the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report.

Read the full story at Datamation:

Microsoft Earnings Report: Bright Expectations, Big Questions

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