Next on the Mound…Joe Tucci

EMC’s CEO Joe Tucci likely better stick to his day job and forget about trying out for any major league baseball team.

According to a *Boston Globe* [report](, Tucci was tossing a ball with Red Sox hurler Hideki Okajima following an exhibition game in Japan against the Oakland A’s. It was at some fancy, schmancy reception, which featured what sports writer Dan Shaughnessy called a “Green Monster-sized LED screen.”

Okajima lofted a ball to Tucci, who caught it with little effort. The CEO then whizzed the ball back — high and wide — right through the LED screen.

As Shaughnessy notes, he’ll have a hard time looking at the EMC logo whether it’s on Sox uniforms, which it was during the Japan series, or at Boston’s stadium, without reliving the memory.

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