On Distributing Online Video


NEW YORK — The word from the panelists at Tuesday’s online video session at the [Mediabistro](http://www.mediabistro.com/) Circus here was to spread online video everywhere you possible can.

Jim Louderback, CEO of Internet television network [Revision3](http://www.revision3.com), joked that distributing content is like drug dealing: You need to “get it out there everywhere you can.”
He added, “If you love something set it free.”

Dina Kaplan, co-founder and COO of online video site [Blip.tv](http://www.blip.tv), stressed the importance of syndication for online video and distributing it to sites such as [AOL](http://www.aol.com), [iTunes](http://www.apple.com/itunes) and [Facebook.](http://www.facebook.com)

She also predicted that her network may expand off the Web in the future and form a film division, reversing the path of technology from old media to new. She also sees TV networks forming online versions of popular shows in the future.

Kaplan said we’ll be watching online shows in a year or two on our television sets, and cable companies such as [Cablevision](http://www.cablevision.com) (NYSE: CVC) and [Comcast](http://www.comcast.com) (NASDAQ: CMCSA) will include online video in their offerings.

Robert Scoble, author of the “Scobleizer” in *Fast Company* magazine and managing director of the [Fastcompany.tv](http://www.fastcompany.tv) site, showed off some cool tricks, such as the site [Asterpix.com](http://www.asterpix.com), which allows you to create clickable regions on top of a video.

Scoble also shared that by using [Twittervision ](http://www.twittervision.com) on his site, he was first to tell anyone else about the recent earthquake in China.

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