OpenLogic joins the Linux Foundation – Why now?


From the ‘Linux Foundation is Working‘ files:

It seems to me that hardly a week goes by when I don’t see a release about yet another vendor joining the Linux Foundation.

This week, the vendor is OpenLogic, an open source support and services vendor that I’ve covered for many years. It struck me as odd that OpenLogic is just joining the Linux Foundation now. After all, OpenLogic offers support for CentOS (and hundreds of other critical projects) and has for years. They also have some really great open source discovery tools which are important for compliance.

So why is OpenLogic now joining the Linux Foundation?

“The activities of the Linux Foundation have expanded in the last year
to include more governance and compliance activities,” Kim Weins, senior vp of marketing at OpenLogic told me. “With these additional programs,
the activities of the Linux Foundation have become even more directly
relevant to our business in helping companies to safely and
successfully use open source.”

Makes sense, but then again OpenLogic has been participating in compliance efforts led by the Linux Foundation, without being a member before. So what do they gain by giving money to Mr. Zemlin and crew at the Foundation?

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