OpenStack Issues First Cloud Release

The OpenStack project has gotten off the ground and up and running at brisk pace. Launched in July as a joint effort of NASA and Rackspace, the open source cloud computing project is now out with its first release of what it bills as “production-quality” code.

Now, OpenStack has the support and contributions from more than 35 IT vendors, and with the new release, it’s offering “the first chance for enterprises and service providers to kick the tires on the code and start planning for public and private cloud deployments.”

Comprised of a storage and compute technology, OpenStack aims to provide open source cloud-computing technologies geared for broad adoption. Server Watch takes a look.

After only three short months of life, the OpenStack open source cloud computing initiative is out with its first public release of production quality code.

The first OpenStack release is codenamed Austin and includes both storage and cloud compute fabric technologies that can be used by enterprises to deliver cloud services. Originally an effort kick-started by NASA and Rackspace, OpenStack is now benefiting from the support and contributions of more than 35 technology vendors.

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OpenStack Delivers First Release of Cloud Computing Tech

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