Picking the Right SSD for Your Enterprise Storage Network

The rise of solid-state drives is among the most exciting developments to have hit the enterprise storage space in recent years, promising high I/O performance and low latency among a slew of other benefits.

But going solid-state is certainly not an inexpensive proposition, so it’s paramount that you first understand how to evaluate a potential solid-state enterprise storage networking setup before you begin spending.

Fortunately, EnterpriseStorageForum columnist has you covered, with this, his latest in a series of looks at how best to assess and plan your use of this new and complex storage technology.

Choosing the right solid state drive (SSD) for your enterprise storage networking environment is a critical decision — and equally critical is making sure you have the right controller to get the most out of the pricey drives.

We’ll cover the internal design of SSDs and the use of SAS and RAID controllers — important choices for making the most of your solid state drives. If your application requires SSD-like performance, you need to make sure you’re doing everything right to maximize your investment.

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Choosing the Right Solid State Drive for Your Storage Network

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