Put One Foot In Front Of Another…

Ever get a song in your head that you can’t stop hearing. Since Christmas, when my kids replayed Santa Claus Is Coming To Town a trillion times, the lyrics to ‘put one foot in front of another’ have been reverberating in my head (it’s a scene where Winter is embraced as a friend if you recall…)

Anyway, and yes this does have something to do with storage. I’m just taking the long way 😉 

Every day I get dozens of story items, blog blurbs, news bits, and trend bytes in the mailbox. One blog item mentioned how an online storage vendor was closing down. Now usually online storage companies are starting up right?

Then the name got me:  Ewedrive. So what the heck, I clicked through. And then kept clicking around (putting one foot in front of another… see the connection 😉  ) the site which is pretty damn cute. I tried to sign up but got the ‘closed for business‘ note.

So I emailed the site operators. I just wanted to know what was up since Ewedrive was shutting down. By this time I was pretty intrigued. The service cost was very reasonable, the site seemed incredibly user friendly and the darn lamb puns were entertaining (ewe know what I mean).

CEO Paresh Morjaria wrote me back that day (another good business indicator in MHO.):

We have decided to close the Ewedrive service itself for a couple of
reasons really. The primary being that all the features of Ewedrive will
be incorporated into the relaunch shortly of our Desktop On Demand
service which has been in Beta over the past year.

However there is also the fact that as ‘online file storage/backup’
companies seem to be all the rage at the moment (and with GDrive
seemingly on the horizon) we have been considering how we can stand out
from the crowd and an amalgamation within our DOD service looked ideal
(particularly since a lot of Ewedrive was born out of DOD in the first

If you need any further information please let me know.

Paresh Morjaria
CEO, Defuturo Ltd
(The Home of Desktop On Demand and Ewedrive)

Now I’m back at Ewedrive looking for Desktop On Demand and see no link or connection. So I Google and the first two entries (another amazing business indicator) is the official company site and then a Wikipedia entry that lists the ‘official Desktop On Demand Web site” link to Morjaria’s company!

So now I’m going to keep an eye on Desktop On Demand as I think it’s a great example of how companies that are nimble and responsive can compete in what is clearly becoming a very busy storage in the cloud environment.

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