Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week – April 18 2014

“If I already have a security guard at the door, if you discover that the door isn’t locking correctly, doesn’t that all of a sudden make us vulnerable. You’ll get the lock fixed, but my security guard was still defending that door.”

-Mike Fey, CTO Intel Security (eWEEK)


“The single most chaotic open-source project out there is still Linux.”

-Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst (eWEEK)


“As things mature and settle down a bit with OpenStack, it gets easier, not harder”

-Jim Engates, CTO Rackspace (eWEEK)


“We had strong growth in software, but hardware performance, especially in the U.S. remains challenged”

-Martin Schroeter, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President, Finance and Enterprise Transformation at IBM (ServerWatch)


“We believe that Ubuntu has been a great alternative to Windows for years”

-Rick Spencer, vice president of Ubuntu Engineering at Canonical (eWEEK

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