SCO appeals — again

From the ‘I Told You So‘ files:

A month ago, many of my peers at other technology sites declared SCO to finally be dead. They had just lost yet another court decision in their UNIX copyrights case against Novell and it looked (to some), like they no longer had any room to maneuver.

 I wrote on this blog that I wasn’t so sure that was the case. As it turns out, I was right.

The good folks at Groklaw had posted a new SCO appeal. That’s right, not dead — but rather an appeal.

SCO isn’t dead (yet).

The practical reality of the U.S. Judicial system —  as far as I can tell in this case — is that as long as SCO has the will, legal team and money to keep going — they will keep going.

Much like the Terminator, SCO is a relentless machine that knows no sympathy or remorse and will just keep going until they get what they want. If they had time travel capabilities perhaps they’d go back in time to ensure their victory (like Skynet), but thankfully that’s not an option for them, otherwise they’d likely use it.

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