Obama Cyber Boss Talks Up Security Strategy

Howard Schmidt has a big job. Trying to coordinate the security efforts of the various government agencies, Congress and the private sector, the White House cybersecurity coordinator has his work cut out for him.

In a speech at a government and industry conference, Schmidt described the administration’s plans to bolster cybersecurity through a mix of threat deterrence, resilient networks, education and other tactics. eSecurity Planet has the details.

WASHINGTON — The man hand-picked by the President to run point on the titanic endeavor of reshaping and modernizing federal cybersecurity will be the first to admit that there is no silver bullet to solve the problem.

Keeping hackers out of sensitive public and private networks isn’t a matter of better defense. Or education. Or deterrence. It’s all of them, and then some, Howard Schmidt, the White House cybersecurity coordinator, said Thursday here at a government and industry conference.

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Obama’s Cyber Chief Touts ‘Resilient’ Security Strategy

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