SNW Live: The Many Flavors of Deduplication

Put four high profile vendors of deduplication technologies side by side in front of a crowded audience and one can only hope for some debate, and hopefully even a few laughs.

That’s exactly what attendees at a panel discussion late at SNW in Orlando yesterday were treated to when Taneja Group founder, analyst Arun Taneja, played moderator to a lively discussion about the many ways deduplication technologies can work.

Jered Floyd, CTO and founder of Permabit sat next to Jeff Tofano, CTO at Quantum who sat next to Mikios Sandorfi, CTO of SEPATON, who sat next to Neville Yates, CTO, of Diligent Technologies.

Sandorfi was the perfect person to put between Tofano and Yates it turned out as Yates put forth some heated and pointed words about Quantum’s deduplication solution approach and drew a few laughs throughout most of the 45-minute session.

Given the back and forth between the CTOs of Quantum and Diligent one would have been led to believe the two had a long running feud.

But actually the two had only met briefly earlier in the day, and, in their initial short conversation they realized they shared a very close friend.

As Tofano explained after the panel, he was even perplexed about Neville’s pointed words on Quantum’s product focus and strategy.

“There’s no rivalry. We hadn’t even met before,” Tofano told after the panel.

P.S. As we all love to know company name origins, try guessing what SEPATON’s company name is all about. You’ll find out the answer here tomorrow.

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