Sprint: We’re committed to Android

Heads up to all those who think Sprint isn’t serious about Android and the idea of open platform development.

The number three wireless carrier is, even if the blogsphere seems bent on saying it’s not so.

Last week Sprint [debuted](/mobility/article.php/3790081/Sprint+Takes+to+the+Open+Mobile+Road.htm) a brand-new open mobile platform called Titan.

Yet that hasn’t squelched the chatter that Sprint isn’t behind Android.

Many bloggers and tech news sites seem to think that a quick comment from CEO Dan Hesse about future Android phones means no Android phones.

So I called Sprint today to find out what its commitment is to Android. The response came quick:

Sprint is engaged with Android — no need to question our commitment.

Thanks for the opportunity to share our perspective

Sprint is actively engaged with the Android community; for competitive reasons, we have not been specific about the timing of an Android phone from Sprint.

Sprint is a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance.

Sprint has a long history of leadership in working closely with developers to encourage them to create new content that can be offered on Sprint phones. The Titan platform is an example of Sprint’s work with the developer community. Our participation in the OHA and our work with the Android community is another example. *

So there it is. End of the story. Or should I say end of a non-story?

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