Startup cancels noise on mobile phones

We know about noise-canceling headsets for audio devices and mobile phones but how about noise-canceling capabilities built into the phone itself?

audiencelogo copy.jpg

An [article]( in the July/August issue of *Technology Review* puts the spotlight on Mountain View, Calif.-based startup [Audience](, which makes the voice processors for this technology.
According to Audience, mobile phone manufacturers in Japan and Korea can purchase these processors for $5 to $7 to insert into the phones.

*Technology Review* reports that companies such as [On Semiconductor](, [Qualcomm]( (NASDAQ: QCOM) and [NXP Semiconductors]( are developing similar technology.

The voice processor chip cancels out most other noise traveling through the microphone except for the speaker’s voice.

The fact that the phone chip makes the speaker’s voice clearer and doesn’t totally drown out other noise for the listener alleviates a major concern I have with noise-cancellation technology — the canceling out of sounds you hear while speaking on the phone and crossing the street.

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