The Cloud Is Getting Crowded

One of the things I love about covering technology is that people are always creating different names for the same things. Some even create unique verbs to describe the latest and greatest tool.

This popped into my head while reading about yet another ‘storage in the cloud’ company, that lets users store everything from music files to work documents online.

Michael Robertson (who started, Linspire, and Gizmo5) is launching [SyncWizard](, a free service that grabs “most valuable personal data” and offers encrypted storage on a Web site.

As ‘online storage’ isn’t too sexy a phrase, we got ‘storage in the cloud.’

And now Robertson says people can ‘cloud up.’

But I think what he means is back-up (again not very sexy), but yet not accurate since ‘clouding up’ isn’t an actual verb action, and back-up is taking a snapshot of what’s on a server or workstation at a particular moment and housing that snapshot somewhere else.

In my view, ‘clouding up’ means copying documents and files to a Web site.

I’m not picking on Mr. Robertson, or his technology.

The idea of ‘clouding up’ intrigued me so much I figured I’d try SyncWizard out.

It’s clearly still in beta, and since Zoho (you need an account there) wouldn’t let me create an account even after doing its authentication process eight times, I didn’t get too far.

I do plan to ‘cloud up’ as soon as possible though.

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