The President and his Blackberry

Seriously, what more could Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry, ask for in terms of prestige these days given newly-elected President Barack Obama is a Crackberry addict?

Best of all the President, who reportedly was never seen without his BlackBerry in hand during his campaign, doesn’t have to give up his treasured device after rumors circulated that the Secret Service might take it away citing security issues.

RIM couldn’t ask for better media coverage, which is also providing priceless advertising and marketing gold.

The handheld, already viewed as the most secure enterprise device, is now ‘the’ most secure device one can have.

Clearly he won’t be using any GPS location-based services to find the best pizzeria or that new lacrosse stick for his girls. But then again he has the Secret Service and a slew of staff to make that happen.

I think it’s an amazing statement of US technology and indicates that this presidency, unlike many before it, realizes the value of technology and mobile communications.

Now, as many have noted, Uncle Sam just has to make it a policy priority going forward.

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