There Once Was A Man From Nantucket….

Who says storage gurus aren’t a creative bunch?

I certainly never did, and’s Dave Vellante certainly proved they are last week at Storage Networking World in Orlando.

While enjoying a cocktail, Vellante was sharing his own special limerick about green storage with a colleague when I overheard him. I politely interrupted his conversation to ask for a copy to share:

The guys in IT don’t have the will

Cause it’s the facilities people who pay the bill

But that’s gonna change sooner than you think

We’re out of power and on the brink

The CEO said ‘spend 1/3 less; I want you to fix it. Clean up this mess!’

So we had a big meeting — boy it was tough

We said: ‘There’s only one way���


Vellante, cofounder and principal contributor of, a worldwide community dedicated to improving the adoption of technology and business systems through an open source sharing of free advisory knowledge, also offered up some interesting tech tidbits:

Only 5% of CIOs pay the power budget for IT equipment (so no one seems to care unless they’re out of power!)

The per sq. ft. annual costs of a data center are at least 50X more expensive than those of a typical office building (this from Gartner, PG&E and some Wikibon users)

The IT industry produces nearly 40 million metric tons of CO2 emissions from data centers (again from PG&E).

The electric bill now nearly exceeds server acquisition costs over the 3-4 year life of a box.

The worst place in the country to use outside air to cool a data center? Tampa, Florida (5% potential savings). The best place? Fairbanks, Alaska (67% potential savings).

Water chills 3 orders of magnitude faster than air.

The primary design point for data centers is most typically 125 Watts/sq. ft.

It’s time to turn stuff off!!!!!

*Thanks for sharing Dave 🙂 See you at the next SNW!*

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