Thousands gather to hear Kaminsky DNS

LAS VEGAS — Everyone wants to hear Dan Kaminsky talk about his DNS vulnerability that shocked the web 30 days ago.
I’m sitting in the Palace ballroom and I’ve never seen so many people
in one room to listen to one man talk about one vulnerability.

are literally thousands (maybe 4,000) people trying to cram into this
room – the conference organizers just announced that speakers from
other sessions should not skip out of their sessions to listen in on
this one.

*UPDATED* Kaminsky didn’t disappoint detailing a myriad of way in which
the DNS exploit could have destroyed the Internet, including email.

“There is always
another way to get screwed by bad DNS,” Kaminsky said.

Kaminsky also took time at the end of his 70 minute session to address his critics.

“DNS bugs create  a
skeleton key across all websites,” Kaminsky said.”A lot of people
think that breaking DNS is not a big deal and  I think I was called out. I don’t think I was
hyping anything.”

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