Black Hat: Will technology lead to ruin?

From the “doom and gloom” files:

. Professor Ian O.Angell of the London School of Economics is a gloomy fellow. In a packed keynote session at Black Hat, Angell literally raged against the machine.

Angell argued that we use technology in order to swap out hopelessness for optimisim, but in his view that optimism is misplaced. In his view computer systems deal with objects that are  well structured but they cannot deal properly with singularities.

As part of his rant Angell claimed that end users rely on the system without exercising their own judgment.

The madness of our
age is the delusion that our world can be controlled and manged using the pseudo
science of technology,” Angell said.

Angell offered little in the way of recommendations other than to use common sense and to be wary of those that see technology as the answer for everything.

So is Angell isn’t an optimist (glass half full) and he also claims he’s not a pessimist (glass half empty).

I’m a capitalist and they’re
using too much glass
..and cynics will be laughing all the way to bank.”

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