Ubuntu 11.04 will be called the Natty Narwhal

From the ‘Animal Kingdom‘ files:

One of the great attributes of Ubuntu Linux is its interesting codenames.

That tradition will continue in 2011 with the release of Ubuntu 11.04 codenamed, Natty Narwal.

No I’ve never seen a Narwhal, but I’ve never seen a Meerkat (that’s the upcoming Ubuntu 10.10 release) either. In fact, Ubuntu’s naming convention usually results in me using my favorite search engine in an attempt to see what the animal in question looks like.

So, not only do I benefit as Linux user from the new innovations that Ubuntu introduces, I also expand my knowledge of the animal kingdom as well.

“The Narwhal, as an Arctic (and somewhat endangered) animal, is a fitting
reminder of the fact that we have only one spaceship that can host all
of humanity (trust me, a Soyuz won’t do for the long haul to Alpha
Centauri),” Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth wrote in a blog post. “And Ubuntu is all about bringing the generosity of all
contributors in this functional commons of code to the widest possible
audience, it’s about treating one another with respect, and it’s about
being aware of the complexity and diversity of the ecosystems which feed
us, clothe us and keep us healthy. Being a natty narwhal, of course, means we have some obligation to put our best foot forward.”

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