Ubuntu Linux font takes flight in Maverick


From the ‘Talk To Me Goose‘ files:

Ubuntu is out this week with the release candidate for Ubuntu 10.10, loaded with all kinds of Linux goodness including a new kernel and updated applications up and down the stack.

From a user-facing desktop perspective, there is one key thing that jumped out at me immediately – the new font.  That’s right, Ubuntu has its own font and it’s the default for the desktop now too.

Talk about the power of branding. Ubunutu is following their re-branding all the way down to the font level, creating a unique look and feel for their distro. Yes I know a font is a small thing in the grand scheme of the massive effort that is a new Linux distro release, but it is a noticeable small thing.

I personally like the new Ubuntu font that I’ll likely will use it for any Ubuntu specific post I blog about.  The Ubuntu font is the default in Maverick, but it’s also just a regular OpenType font that can run on any distro (or even Windows) and through the magic of @font-face, on any modern browser as well.

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