Web services need to be Free #LinuxCon

From the “Let Freedom Reign‘ files:

BOSTON. Stormy Peters, executive director, the GNOME Foundation wants people to think about their online software freedoms.

In her keynote at LinuxCon, Peters echoed some of the same themes from her talk two weeks ago at OSCON about web data freedom.

“We need to be careful that the choices we make today don’t affect the choices we have in the future,” Peters said.

Web services, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or other services could be a risk to users freedom if people aren’t careful. Peters suggested that users need to make sure that their data is portable so they can move their data if need be.

She suggested that all users think about access to their data, ensure they’re not locked in, make sure they back-up data and take a look at the license.

“What we need is free web services in terms of licenses, cost and data,” Peters said.

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