Oracle Dishes on What Linux Can Learn From Unix

Linux will remain a priority at Oracle. So says Wim Coekaerts, the company’s top executive for Linux and virtualization engineering, who spoke this week at LinuxCon in Boston about the future of Linux under Oracle, which of course now also owns Sun Solaris, courtesy of its acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

But just because Oracle is committing to staying in the Linux game, it doesn’t mean that Oracle doesn’t have some very definite ideas of changes that need to take place within the open source OS.

LinuxPlanet takes a look at how Oracle plans to manage two competing operating systems, and where it sees Linux needing to pick up the slack and learn a thing or two from its venerable rival.

BOSTON — Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president for Linux and virtualization engineering at Oracle, came to LinuxCon with a message: The open source operating system will remain a priority at Oracle even now that it owns Sun Microsystems and its competing Solaris OS.

The comments come as industry watchers, open source advocates and others are looking for signs of how Oracle will proceed with its new Sun assets — and most importantly for the crowd at LinuxCon, what might happen now with Oracle pushing forward on both its Unix efforts with Sun Solaris as well as Linux.

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Oracle Loves Linux, Has Advice for Improvements

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