Linux Foundation Tools Aim to Nix License Woes

Companies who saw last week’s court ruling against Westinghouse over GPL licensing compliance might be finding themselves a bit more eager to get their licensing house in order. But where to begin?

That’s where the Linux Foundation is aiming to help. To make complying with licenses like the GPL simpler, the group this week unveiled a new initiative that offers tools and other resources to help companies better understand open source licenses and better track usage of open source components. LinuxPlanet takes a look.

BOSTON — Linux and its associated open source technologies come with an array of licenses which which enterprises need to comply. In an effort to help make license compliance an easier endeavor, the Linux Foundation announced a new compliance program, including tools and resources for open source licensing.

The Linux Foundation’s new effort comes as legal issues around open source are once again in the headlines. Just last week, consumer electronics vendor Westinghouse lost in a court ruling over GPL open source licensing compliance.

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Linux Foundation Helps Vendors Comply with FOSS Licenses

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