Linux kernel report shows continued innovation. 2.6.36 coming soon #LinuxCon

From the ‘LWN Rulz‘ files:

BOSTON. Linux kernel developer Jon Corbet (pic left) took the stage at LinuxCon today to deliver his Linux kernel report.

Corbet said that Linux kernel development is maintaining a fast cadence with about 80 days between Linux releases.

On average from the 2.6.31 to the recent 2.6.35 kernel an average of 1,100 developers contributed to each kernel. On average there were about 124 changes made per day.

In terms of who is contributing, Red Hat retains the top spot among vendors at 12 percent of all contributions. The top contributor overall is the volunteer category coming in at 16.6 percent.

“The list of key contributors has remained relatively static over time,” Corbet said.

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