Has Linux Gone Mainstream?

Is your enterprise using open source? Chances are the answer is yes. That’s according to new data from industry researcher Forrester, which said that some 80 percent of businesses use at least some open source.

In particular, Forrester found major upswings in businesses’ use of Linux and other open source OSes, along with open source development environments. Datamation has the story. Meanwhile, researcher IDC sees spending on Unix continuing to flow to Linux, setting the stage for a major overhaul of the competitive landscape. Datamation takes a look.

BOSTON — Linux is now in the mainstream of enterprise adoption, according to analysts presenting new research here at the LinuxCon conference.

Separate datasets from both IDC and Forrester Research presented at the conference show that Linux and other open source technologies continue to make inroads in corporate settings. the continuing adoption of Linux and open source technologies. Analysts also provided some recommendations how best to adopt open source technologies and practices.

Read the full story at Datamation:

LinuxCon Analysts: Linux Is Winning

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