What’s going on with PHP 5.4?

From the ‘Don’t Ask About PHP 6‘ files:

Back in November at ZendCon, we heard the first indications of what to expect for PHP 5.4.

It’s now five months later and I’m wondering what’s going on with PHP 5.4, since I personally had expected that I would be testing it by now.  So I asked Andi Gutmans, CEO of Zend and he told me that he is very much in favor of pushing out PHP 5.4.

Gutmans told me that he’s not sure if PHP 5.4 will be able to go GA (General Availability) in 2011. He did say that he wanted to see a Beta, if not an RC (Release Candidate) this year.

Gutmans has also been advocating for PHP 5.4 on the [PHP-DEV] mailing list for PHP development.

“The current PHP 5.4 source tree (a.k.a. trunk) already has *major*
enhancements,” Gutmans wrote. “Just look at the NEWS file.

I think it’s a mistake if we don’t start a release cycle. If we try and get too
much into this release it just won’t happen.”

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