Zynga acquires Flock browser

From the ‘Tending the Farmville Flock‘ files:

Social gaming vendor Zynga, best known for Farmville and other Facebook games is acquiring privately-held browser vendor Flock. Financial terms of the deal are not being publicly disclosed.

“Flock’s dedication to its products and users allowed us to achieve over
10 million users around the world with two products on the Facebook top
10 list of the most popular desktop apps,” Flock’s Shawn Hardin blogged. “We thank our users for their
unwavering support and dedication, and we’re thrilled to be going to a
platform that shares our passion for combining great user experience and

Flock is a social browser that originally was based on Firefox/Gecko but has since moved to Chrome/WebKit as its base. Personally, I never really understood the point of Flock (or its recent competitor RockMelt), to me, they both just look/feel like Firefox/Chrome with a different theme and some default add-ons.

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