Ballmer Hails Windows 7, Smartphone Successes

Microsoft watchers might have been a little disappointed with CEO Steve Ballmer’s keynote address to kick off the annual Consumer Electronics Show. After all, last year, Ballmer made a splash by announcing his company’s headlong entry into the tablet arena.

But instead, this year Ballmer devoted his address to a mélange of topics, flitting from announcing new features for the Xbox and Kinect gaming systems, a minor update to Windows 7, and generally hyping up the devices powered by the company’s Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

Enterprise Mobile Today has the details on what Ballmer had to say — and what he didn’t — at CES.

LAS VEGAS — Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spent much of his opening keynote address Wednesday night at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show either rehashing the company’s previously announced plan to include support for ARM processors in the next iteration of Windows or regurgitating anecdotal praise for its line of Windows Phone 7 mobile devices.

But in what’s been dubbed the “year of the tablet PC,” Ballmer barely made mention of the devices even though the devices represented the entire substance and sizzle of last year’s address.

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CES 2011: Microsoft Chief Praises Windows Phone 7 in Opening Keynote

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