A Solid Start for Windows Phone 7 Smartphones?

Is there another strong contender in the competitive smartphone market? Microsoft, (NASDAQ: MSFT) once a leading player, has high hopes that its revamped mobile strategy will be enough to eventually challenge market leaders like Apple, Android and RIM. Leading the charge is Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software being used by a number of leading handset makers.

Enterprise Mobile Today reports on what the early sales numbers look like and also one mobile analyst’s take on the early sales data.

In its first six weeks on the market, Microsoft claims that some 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 handsets have been “sold” — but those figures may be less significant than they first appear.

That’s because the numbers quoted by Microsoft do not represent phones actually sold through the channel to the end user. Instead, they are phones sold by handset manufacturers to mobile network operators and retailers, which in turn sell them to end-users.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Microsoft Claims 1.5 Million Windows Phone 7 Handsets Sold

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