Alcatel, EMS Team on Satellite Broadband

Alcatel and EMS Technologies have expanded a previous partnership to develop satellite broadband Internet systems. Financial terms between the Paris telecom giant and satellite manufacturing firm of the deal were not disclosed.

Under the deal, Alcatel will integrate EMS’s return link subsystem (RLSS) and its end-user terminals into its “DSL in the Sky” solution.

The offering will supports a complete service management suite enabling service providers to offer broadband access services to end users located outside landline DSL areas.

With the EMS deal, Alcatel has also announced several contracts wins with satellite and broadband service providers including nine-figure deals with Korean Telecom and Brazilian satellite operator Star One.

Equipment from Atlanta-based EMS, which adheres to the emerging DVB-RCS industry standard, are due over the next few months could help Alcatel fulfill those contracts.

“Combining Alcatel’s expertise in telecommunication networks and also in operation and support systems with the proven capability of EMS Satellite Networks to deliver DVB-RCS subsystems and terminals, we have a very effective partnership,” said Didier Verhulst, an Alcatel vice president.

Alcatel is best known for its land-based telecom operations but is active in the satellite industry. Its space unit develops satellite technology solutions for telecommunications, navigation, optical and radar observation, weather and scientific applications. It generated more than $1 billion in revenues last year and has 6,000 employees.

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