Apple, HTC Gaining Smartphone Share From RIM

It seems a golden age for the smartphone. According to a new survey from market-researcher ChangeWave, 16 percent of consumers plan to buy a new device in just the next 90 days. That’s up from 10 percent in a similar survey conducted three months ago.

But those gains won’t be felt evenly across the sector. ChangeWave found that more than half of those in the market for a new smartphone plan to buy an iPhone, while 19 percent said they will buy an Android-powered device from HTC.

But the surging popularity of Apple’s iPhone and Android have come at the expense of the BlackBerry and Palm Pre. Enterprise Mobile Today has the story.

Interest in smartphones continues to accelerate, with Apple’s iPhone and Android phones in a two-way race that is leaving one-time leader BlackBerry in the rearview mirror.

ChangeWave’s latest smartphone survey of 4,028 U.S. consumers shows Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to be the unquestioned winner of the growing smartphone market. (One notable caveat is that this survey was completed June 24 — before the whole iPhone 4 antenna controversy blew up).

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Mobile Computing Wars: Apple, HTC Driving Smartphone Interest as BlackBerry Loses Ground

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