Apple Offers Tips on Fixing iPad Wi-Fi

By most estimates, Apple enjoyed a strong weekend of sales for its new iPad tablet. But some users have raised a red flag on the closely watched mobile device — complaining about problematic Wi-Fi connections.

In forums and blogs across the Web, iPad users have said they experience persistently dropped or weak Wi-Fi connections — although others have reported having no problems at all.

Now Apple is taking steps to address the issue, placing some of the blame on third-party wireless Internet routers. Will it be enough to satisfy its critics? Wi-Fi Planet has the story.

Despite many positive reports of a successful iPad launch this week, some users had persistent complaints about problems with the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

The complaints — on user forums, tech blogs and other sites — range from users reporting weak signals to losing the Wi-Fi connection altogether. Many users also said they were experiencing no Wi-Fi issues with other Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) products, such as iPhones and MacBooks, in the same location.

Apple’s own Discussion forum topic “weak wifi” was flooded with complaints by users who said they’ve had mixed results maintaining Wi-Fi connection.

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Apple Partly Addresses iPad Wi-Fi Issue

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