AppStream Pushes Java Apps To Mobile

AppStream, Inc. , Tuesday announced a deal with LG TeleCom to enable the delivery of Java technology-based applications to mobile phones. LG TeleCom will demonstrate AppStream’s technology in its next generation of ez-i handsets.

“Limited memory and the wireless network connection for wireless devices have presented significant challenges to providing mobile consumers with rich, interactive Java applications on their handsets. LG devices supporting Java technology will increase the rate of adoption of intelligent, Java technology-based enabled services, as well as the development of innovative and more powerful applications and services for use on wireless devices,” said Curtis Sasaki, director, consumer technologies, Sun Software Systems Group.

AppStream automatically segments Java applications into streamlets and sends them to the client device in an optimal order, improving Java application start-up time for the user. This ability to ‘stream’ Java technology to the handset is designed to give the next generation of intelligent handset users better access to feature-rich applications such as banking, gaming, e-commerce, and stock trading.

“While wireless technology is taking off at rocket speed, today’s implementations lack the capabilities required for the widespread use and development of rich, secure applications and services,” said Uri Raz, chief executive officer and chairman of AppStream.

“This strategic partnership with LG TeleCom, a champion of Java technology on the handset, will move the industry towards a future of intelligent, network connected, wireless computing.”

“By demonstrating AppStream technology in conjunction with our implementation of Java technology, LGTeleCom’s ez-i handsets will not only offer our customers improved performance, greater functionality, and enhanced usability, but it will make our network services more attractive to content providers who want to offer superior services,” said Se-Young Ro, vice president of Internet Services at LGTeleCom, Korea. “We anticipate that this alliance with AppStream will rapidly accelerate the use of Java technology-based applications by mobile consumers.”

Features include:

  • Faster response times: The mobile user will witness faster application startup.
  • Better network utilization: AppStream reduces traffic over the cellular network by only delivering the streamlets that are actually required without compromising application functionality
  • Automatic Application Management: AppStream’s technology manages application version control on the handset so service providers need not worry about managing multiple copies of their applications.
  • Ease of use: AppStream requires no modification of existing code. AppStream technology automatically segments and streams Java code as streamlets.

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