BlackBerry and Beyond: What’s Ahead for RIM?

With Android having surpassed Research In Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones as the most popular mobile operating system, it’s clear that the times are changing for RIM — a company that once had a lock on the enterprise mobility segment and its eye on parlaying that strength into dominance in the consumer space, too.

Now, however, RIM is facing fast-moving, hungry competitors not just in the consumer mobile space, but also on its home turf of the enterprise. With the iPhone, Android, and other rivals vying for greater shares of the market, what’s next for RIM? Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look at the coming models, software and strengths that RIM will have to leverage if it wants the BlackBerry to stave off the new players in town.

RIM is prepping for a long, grueling fight to protect and win market share for its popular BlackBerry smartphones, which face stiff competition from Nokia’s Symbian-powered phones, Apple’s iPhones, and Android mobile devices. That’s the short version of a new study done on RIM and BlackBerry by analyst Jack Gold, principal of J. Gold Associates, a technology research firm.

Overall, Gold is pretty gung-ho on RIM transforming itself as a strong competitor in the smartphone sector due to a series of strategic acquisitions, while maintaining its reputation for security and manageability — all key to its acceptance in the enterprise market.

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Next Steps for RIM Beyond Torch, BlackBerry 6

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