Business ThinkPads Gain Nvidia Graphics

As computing becomes more visual – images, video, animation – the need for speed has never been greater. Another key trend is mobility; increasingly, computer users are turning to notebooks and mobile devices to stay connected and get work done.

But fast graphics performance on notebooks typically comes at the cost of a dip in battery life. Hardware Central details the latest additions to Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup that brings high end graphics without a big tradeoff in battery life. In fact, Lenovo said its newest ThinkPads equipped with Nvidia Optimus graphics, can run up to four and a half hours between charges.

What’s good for gamers often turns out to be a boon to enterprise users as well.

Lenovo announced on Tuesday that business models in its ThinkPad notebook lineup will sport the same Nvidia graphics chips as certain consumer ThinkPad models that gamers crave for high multimedia performance.

Read the full article at Hardware Central:

Lenovo Adds Nvidia Graphics to Business ThinkPads

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