Can Kin and Windows Phone 7 Save Microsoft?

Microsoft has not enjoyed the same success in the mobile phone market as it has in PCs, but it’s hanging in there with the company’s legendary dogged determination. Microsoft recently took the lid off of Windows Phone 7 and now has its new youth-oriented Kin phone. So, can these new products get Microsoft in the mobility game? Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

While the wireless industry is still sussing out the pros and cons of the Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft yesterday made another attempt in revamping itself as a viable contender in the lucrative smartphone sector with the unveiling of the new Kin series of handsets, arriving on Verizon next month.

There are two Kin models on tap, the Kin One has a pull-down keyboard similar to the Palm Pre and 5-megapixel camera, while the Kin Two has a slide-out keyboard below a landscape-style screen and has an 8-megapixel camera. Both come with software that supports the online store for Microsoft’s Zune media player.

Aimed at the young, social networking demographic, each mobile device will come with social media apps. Kin Loop is similar to HTC’s Sense UI and Palm’s webOS Synergy feature that displays updates to Facebook and Twitter and the like on the homescreen.

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Can Kin, Windows Phone 7 Series Rescue Redmond?

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