Chrysler Unveils Car Wireless System

Chrysler Thursday unveiled its vision of in-car communications, including extensive use of Bluetooth technology and hands-free access to mobile phones.

The company said it will offer a hands-free, voice recognition-based communications system that employs the users regular wireless phone, not a model built into the car, it said in a statement.

The company said it will offer a variety of services and customers can pick and choose the ones they want. The system will support as many as five separate wireless phones. Users can use their own phones or sign of for special deals with AT&T Wireless, with whom Chrysler has a marketing arrangement, the company said.

After connecting their normal wireless phones to the car, users will be able to make calls with voice commands. The phone is connected to the car’s electrical architecture using Bluetooth, which will enable the phone audio to be played through the car’s speaker system.

The company said the system will be available in the aftermarket in the spring of 2002 with factory-installed versions available in early 2003.

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