Clearwire Unveils First 4G Handset

In the race to 4G, most of the big carrier have opted for the LTE standard. But not Clearwire. The provider, which is supported by Sprint and a host of tech companies, has introduced the world to its first 4G handset, and dropped word about the next phase of its network expansion.

Enterprise Mobile Today has the story about Clearwire’s new 4G device, the Android HTC EVO.

Clearwire, the 4G wireless network provider backed by Sprint Nextel and a consortium of tech firms, announced this week at the CTIA show in Las Vegas a further expansion of its network into 27 more cities, as well as the first 4G handset.

The company is in the middle of a national rollout with a network that today covers 27 cities. It has previously promised that it would expand to cover New York, Houston, Boston, Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Denver, Minneapolis and San Francisco by this year.

Now, add Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Salt Lake City to that list of cities that will be covered by the end of this year, while even more are expected to be announced as the year goes on. The company said it expects to cover 120 million Americans by the year’s end, ahead of Verizon’s plans to service 100 million by year-end.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

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