Dell Debuts Streak 7, Venue Mobile Devices

Heading into this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, observers and analysts expected vendors far and wide to make announcements of new products and partnerships relating to mobile computing. Given the immense popularity of Apple’s iPad and the momentum building in the segment, it seemed a safe bet.

It certainly was in Dell’s case. The computing giant took a sharp turn at this year’s event, announcing the Streak 7 tablet and the Venue smartphone. Both devices are powered by Google’s Android, and will be available through T-Mobile’s store and Dell’s website.

Enterprise Mobile Today reports on Dell’s new mobile devices.

LAS VEGAS — Dell joined the parade of vendors showcasing new mobile devices today at the Consumer Electronics Show, unveiling the Android-powered Streak 7 tablet and Venue smartphone for the T-Mobile 4G network.

The new additions make it clear that Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) is serious about transitioning itself away from its core desktop and laptop PC business to capture a piece of the ever-expanding mobile device market.

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CES 2011: Dell Rolls Out Streak 7, Venue Smartphone

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