Google Cuts Nexus One Early Termination Fees

Google got off to a rocky start with the launch of its Nexus One smartphone. Now the search giant is moving to quell consumer anger over steep early termination fees and spotty 3G coverage.

Enterprise Mobile has the details on what Google’s doing to burnish its customer service reputation.

Google is moving quickly to get beyond its bumpy start as a mobile device retailer, dealing with some of the complaints around its Nexus One smartphone.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) entered the smartphone market in January with the launch of the Nexus One, an HTC-built phone running the search giant’s open source Android operating system and sold directly to consumers online. Almost immediately, however, Google ran into a few snags.

There were complaints about the high cost for T-Mobile subscribers — Google’s only carrier partner for the device — who wanted to switch from their current phone to a Nexus One, with some complaining that the early termination fees (ETFs) were exorbitant. And early users also complained about spotty 3G coverage.

Google has already issued an over-the-air patch to deal with the 3G problems.

Now it has set up a toll-free line to handle customer service calls and, in the wake of an investigation by the FCC’s recently-formed Consumer Task Force, has slashed the ETF and transfer fees.

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