Google Eases Path for Android Developers

Google is looking to demystify the process of building mobile apps for the growing number of devices that run on its Android operating system. The success of smartphones, as Apple has ably proven with its iPhone, is in large measure determined by the strength of the third-party applications that run on them.

In that spirit, Google has introduced the App Inventor for Android, a visual tool that makes application development a point-and-click exercise. Enterprise Mobile Today has the details on the new developer tool, currently available in beta.

Developing applications for mobile devices is a task that usually involves a reasonable degree of programming knowledge and skills. In an attempt to make it easier to build mobile apps, however, Google is launching its new App Inventor for Android tool.

The App Inventor for Android is currently a beta service and requires that users apply for access. As opposed to regular mobile development, which requires a developer to have some kind of IDE and programming skills, App Inventor is a point-and-click visual tool for building mobile apps. With the tool, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) will have a new way to help expand its Android application ecosystem as it ramps up the competition against Apple’s iPhone.

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Google’s App Inventor Lowers Bar on Android Mobile App Dev

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