Google Lowers Cost of Nexus One Upgrade

EnterpriseMobileToday has the story of pricing moves by Google and T-Mobile and other issues related to the Nexus One phone.

Google appears to be getting its arms around some of the launch complaints regarding the Nexus One. The company and its carrier partner T-Mobile have changed the Nexus One pricing policy for existing T-Mobile subscribers who wish to upgrade from their current phone to the new Android-powered handset.

The Nexus One, manufactured by Taiwanese phone maker HTC, carries a $529 price for an unlocked phone or $179 for new subscribers who agreed to a two-year contract. Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) and T-Mobile also initially provided a third offering, a $379 price for users who trade in their old phone for the new one.

This last price had met with some complaints for being too steep. In response, the two companies today said they would cut $100 off the upgrade price. Additionally, anyone who purchased an upgrade for $379 will be notified that their credit card will be refunded $100.

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Google Cuts Nexus One Upgrade Price, But Sales Slow

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