Google Revving Nexus One for Enterprise?

Nexus One is Google’s hot new consumer phone, but EnterpriseMobileToday reports on what’s next for business users.

Google is already working on an enterprise version of the Nexus One, being called the Nexus Two or Nexus Pro by the media, that will sport a keyboard and have improved battery life, according to recent comments made by Google’s Android chief.

But will it be a viable contender in the mobile enterprise category — and should Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) be squirming? One mobile analyst thinks not, though he does offer reasons for why Google would want a presence in the mobile enterprise.

The Internet giant is considering the future release of an enterprise version of the Nexus One, Andy Rubin, who heads the Android division of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG), said during an interview with Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

Despite the hints dropped by Rubin about an enterprise version possibly having a physical keyboard and longer battery life, Google’s vice president of engineering did not disclose any further details during the interview — and Google had little to add on the issue.

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