Google’s Nexus One Smartphone Could be Pricey

Rumors abound that Google is set to release its own branded, Android-powered phone. As EnterpriseMobileToday reports, Google may be rolling out a very different, more expensive pricing model than consumers are used to.

Details are starting to emerge on some sites claiming to have the price and contract details for the forthcoming Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) smartphone.

If these details prove accurate, some people might not be so happy with how much money they will have to shell out for the Android-based phone.

The screen shot of the Nexus One, the product’s name, shows a device that looks similar to the Motorola Eris in terms of hardware design and layout, but its price without a contract is closer to the Motorola Droid without a contract.

For those wishing to buy the Nexus One unlocked and unsubsidized, it will set you back $530.

Read the full story at EnterpriseMobileToday:

Google’s Nexus One Won’t Be So Cheap After All

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