Hotmail Upgrade Synchs to Smartphones

Traditional e-mail services like Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail were designed for desktop computers. But the growing use of mobile devices as a primary, or at least frequently-used secondary device for accessing Web services, is chipping away at the desktop computer’s dominant role.

Over the years, e-mail vendors have developed mobile versions and optimized their e-mail clients to work better on mobile devices. EnterpriseMobileToday reports on what Microsoft has in the works to ensure Hotmail users can stay connected regardless of whatever platform, desktop or mobile, they use.

When Microsoft began beta testing the next version of Windows Live Hotmail in mid-June, one feature that had been promised — synching between Hotmail and smartphones — was not yet available.

Some savvy readers of the blog, however, are reporting that they have been able to get Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Exchange ActiveSync to work.

Read the full article at EnterpriseMobileToday:

New Hotmail to Synch with Smartphones

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