Hutchison Telecom Offers REALVision Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Hong Kong based Hutchison Telecommunications has partnered with wireless technology provider REALVision Technology to provide its enterprise subscribers with the REALVision Mobile Executive solution.

“We are extremely pleased that Hutchison Telecom, a pioneer in the wireless communications services, has deployed REALVision’s mobile enterprise solutions to provide corporate e-mail solutions,” said Vander Ng, REALVision’s chief operating officer.

“The REALMobile Executive package we are offering with Hutchison Telecom is one of our flagship mobile enterprise solutions, which is the key communication tool for executives. Those working in the government sector, banking industry and international companies will find the e-mail alert feature extremely useful.”

The solution enables corporate users to wirelessly synchronize their personal information management (PIM) applications, such as e-mail, calendar, address book and to-do list, while out of the office. It also has an e-mail alert feature, which sends alert messages via SMS to users’ PDAs when new e-mails arrive in their corporate inboxes. According to REALVision, users can still activate their e-mail alerts when they are not in Hong Kong, as long as they are in “roaming mode.”

REALMobile Executive also supports online browsing via WAP or Web access, and online batch synchronization to suit customer needs, the company said in a statement.

REALVision designs and develops the software applications and mobile devices needed to work with its business solutions. It partners wireless technology providers such as Compaq, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Palm, and Sun, among others to deliver its products to market.

According to Ng, REALVision has been providing the mobile solution package to Hutchison Telecom mobile data subscribers since Q2 this year. He added that all that is needed to deploy REALMobile Executive are Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes e-mail systems, and communication access to their e-mail servers – be it via the Internet or a remote access pool.

Corporate subscribers wanting to take advantage of the package need to consider the following costs: an initial minimum investment of HK$5,000 (US$641) per user, which includes hardware and software, and a HK$228 (US$30) monthly service charge levied by Hutchison Orange.

Ng said the Hutchison Telecom partnership will contribute “a significant portion of revenue” to REALVision’s PIM solution area, adding that the company intends to explore “high service quality with advanced technology telecom operators to form partnerships on a global basis including Mainland China, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Korea and Canada.”

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